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Business Opportunity

One2One Oil Service Specialist Licensed Agent Opportunity

One2One Oil Service Specialist is a revolutionary new concept in mobile vehicle care for both residential and commercial clients. The basic idea is to provide on-site oil changes such as engine oil, auto transmission fluid, power steering oil and brake oil in a mobile capacity and 20-point safety check-up by professionally trained specialists directly to the consumer.  One2One Oil Service Specialist is going to take the RM10 Billion automotive service industry in Malaysia by storm by offering a convenient, time saving method of providing the required vehicle oil services for your vehicles. One2One oil service that comes to you!!
One2One Oil Service Specialist travel to the location where the car is garaged (home, office or car lot) and performs routine vehicle oil changes and 20-point safety check-up.
The ultimate goal is to provide convenient, high-quality basic vehicle oil services in a mobile capacity that will ensure: Valuable, Time-Saving, On-Site Oil Service, Safe and Reliable Vehicle Operation and Performance.

The One2One Oil Service Specialist Licensed Agent Benefits are
  • Provided with a state-of-the-art, fully equipped with professional grade tools for mobile oil services, fully wrapped nationally branded Service Van.
  • Professional Advertising and Marketing Supports;
  • Registered Use of One2One Logo and Signage;
  • Discounted Pricing and timely access on Engine oils, fluids, parts and supplies;
  • Complete and Ongoing Technical Training and Support on all procedures;
  • Interactive Corporate Website;
  • Share option scheme from One2One.
  • Access to Proprietary On-Line Reservation System (CRM), Android compatible Royal Malaysian Customs GST compliant Point-Of-Sale and Accounting System and many more technology driven supports.
The One2One Demographic

  • Commercial Businesses with Fleets / Route Vehicles; (i.e. taxi companies, courier companies and utility companies);
  • Shopping Malls;
  • Schools and Universities;
  • Car Rental Businesses;
  • Car Sales Lots without Maintenance Departments;
  • People that Value Their Time;
  • Senior Centers/55+ Active Adult Communities;
  • Large Office Complexes.
For further information and enquiries about our licensed agent business opportunity, please contact us through our Customer Care Line at 1800-880-121 Or Click on the Apply Now button below. Our One2One consultants will gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

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